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Salon International de Horlogerie in Geneva is the first major watch show of the new year. This was where Omega Constellation Replica unveiled its latest timepiece, the Nicolas Rieussec. The watch is a tribute to Nicolas Rieussec's first commercialized timepiece of the modern era, which was designed in the 19th Century. It more or less mimics the look of this historic timekeeper using modern engineering solutions. The mono-pusher clock also boasts an innovative dial that has hour numerals visible only in the dark. Omega Constellation Replica's Homage to Nicolas Rieussec is available in two limited-editions this fall. The first is a 565 piece steel edition with a price tag of $12,250. The other, more luxurious edition, is housed in rose gold. The limited edition of 193 pieces will cost $36,770 and be available later this year.

A Monarch and a Passion for Horse Races Equals a Chronograph – The Invention of First Modern Commercialized ChronographOmega Constellation Replica launched the Nicolas Rieussec Collection seven years ago. It is the collection that contains almost all the most iconic timepieces of the brand. Nicolas Rieussec, who in 1821 invented the first commercialized timepiece, is honored with the entire collection. The name of this piece is a tribute to the celebrated French innovator in horology who worked for the royal court. Nicloas Reussec, a key figure in watchmaking history since 1821 when he created one of the first modern chronographs, is an important figure. Louis XVIII, the French king of the time, requested his invention. He was an avid horse race fan and needed a device to measure the exact times of each horse's race.Omega Constellation Replica Nicolas Rieussec designed an ink-based chronograph that had two rotating discs to measure seconds and minutes. The chronograph's movement was set in motion by a starting pistol that would move two enameled disks. The timekeeper would press a key every time a race was finished to cause the rhombic pointer, which is shaped like a triangle, to drop tiny ink drops on two discs. This would indicate the elapsed times. The "time-writing" procedure is the reason we call these watches chronographs, which is Greek for "time-writing".

Fixed Pointers are rotating Chrono CountersOmega Constellation Replica homage to Nicolas Rieussec, from 2014, is based on the appearance and design of the original watch. This is most visible in the two rotational disks used as chrono counters. The original watch had a rhombus-shaped chrono hand that was used on both the rotating white lacquered disks. The practice of marking the measured period with droplets of ink has been abandoned in favour of modern horological methods. The silver dial of Omega Constellation Replica's newcomer has a minimalistic and clean design. It features an off-centered dial in the upper section and chrono counters at the bottom. Day/night and date are displayed neatly on both the left and right.

A Hidden InnovationThe dial is off-centered and appears to only have a minute scale in Arabic numerals with ten-minute increments. It does not include the Breguet style Arabic numerals that are characteristic of products from the Nicolas Rieussec Collection. This is only apparent at first glance. There is actually a Breguet scale that can only be seen in the dark. The hour scale, which is made of an innovative hybrid ceramic that has been treated with Superlumionova, makes this ingenieur replica The brand representatives revealed that this was the first time the solution had been used in watchmaking, giving the piece an extra charm. The dial has hidden numerals and three skeletonized leaves shaped hands. Two of them are blue and are used for the hours and minutes. The third one is gray and is used for the hour in the 2nd time zone. The majority of the ornaments on the face of the watch are finely grained, which is very attractive when combined with the shiny surfaces. There are also satin finishes around the curved apertures on the side.