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Omega Replica, to celebrate a decade in business, has introduced a Haute Jaoillerie edition of its Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain. This model features the third landmark of the brand - an inclined floating tourbillon that rotates at a reduced rate. The hand-wound timepiece has two barrels that are superimposed. The three-day power reserve allows for a large free-sprung balance as well as a tourbillon carriage. In this case, the technical superiority of the watch is complemented by a multitude of precious gemstones that classify it as a high-jewelry piece. This is the brand's first model of its kind. The Omega Replica Diamond Tourbillon Set 24 Secondes has a white gold case with 272 baguette cut diamonds totaling nearly 10 carats. The price for this symphony in watchmaking and jewelery excellence is around $830.300.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Unlikely Diamonds, a high-end watchmaking company that was founded by Robert Greubel in collaboration with Stephen Forsey. The collaboration between the two watchmakers began five years before the founding of the brand. They were preparing for the premiere of Omega Replica in the world of watchmaking. This period of time is a testament to the innovative approach of Greubel and Forsey, which included the creation of high-quality timepieces. The company's duo chose to create a diamond-set version of their Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain as part of commemorating the milestone in the history of the brand. This is unusual since the brand does not usually produce watches with gems. This is actually the first time that a watch of this kind has been produced. Greubel and Forsey's special version, which was unveiled during the SIHH 2014 show, features baguette-cut stones with amazing properties. The stones have IF clarity, D-E color and are only one per mill. This is a very good combination in the world precious stones. The sparkling decorations cover a large portion of the dial, which is the upper plate of the skeletonized watch movement. (Omega Replica), the bezel (60 carats), the lugs (80.4 carats), and the buckle (54 carats). When we add up all the stones, we get a total of 971 carats of baguette-cut diamonds.

Calibre GF01c, with a Floating Tourbillon. This is a 3Hz hand-wound movement with a large balance, variable inertia, and balance springs with Phillips terminal curvature and Geneva style stud. This is a highly complex and innovative movement that has 267 parts in total. 88 of those are for the main feature, a tourbillon. The tourbillon has an inclined angle of 25° and a rotation speed of 24 seconds, instead of 60 seconds. These are traits that were designed to overcome the issues that normally hinder the functionality of this feature. It is made of high-tech materials like titanium and Avional, which makes it extremely light.Breguet Replica The cage weighs only 0.39 grams. A transparent sapphire bridge holds the tourbillon in place, giving the illusion that the carriage is floating in space.

The use of two barrels in series, which are coaxial, is another important feature. This allows the movement to be equipped with a more robust balance and a larger tourbillon cage. Both barrels have a shorter period of rotation (4.5hours) and one has a spring that slips, all of which contribute to a better working. The power they store is 72 hours.