Bedding Set (7 Pcs) - 60X120 - Vip

Bedding Set (7 Pcs) - 60X120 - Vip (9560)

Brand : Funnababy
Price : $72.55(Vat included)
Consist of 7 pcs. 1 pc 100 x 130 cm duvet cover 1 pc 40 x 60 cm head bumper 2 pcs 40 x 120 cm side bumper 1 pc 40 x 40 cm decorative pillow case 1 pc 110x150 cm flat sheet 1 pc 35 x 45 cm pillow case Made of 100% cotton fabric Provides a safe sleep for your baby. Protects your baby from impacts by the help of the head and side bumpers. Head and side bumpers have zippers. Paddings of head and side bumpers can be easily removed and only the cases can be washed. Bedding set is suitable for 30 degrees machine wash. Do not use bleach. Designed and produced in Turkey.
60 x 120 Cm
Baby Girl