For the health and comfort of babies, we use the most suitable, top quality,
certified materials obtained from the most reliable sources.

We embrace ethical working standards; We do not employ child workers, we ensure that occupational health and safety issues are maintained under the best conditions, and we protect working conditions and rights to the fullest.

While creating our designs and striving to make a visually more beautiful world possible, we base on offering practical and useful products.

Since our establishment in 1977, we have been adapting what our experience has given us to every stage of our production and control processes, and with this perspective, we achieve a production result in our excellence standard.

We also use every product for our own babies.

We attach great importance to detail, we control the details at every stage of the production processes one by one, and we ensure that our products are durable and easy to protect for a very long time.

HIGHLIGHTS “Funnababy”

Current Design:

Stylish, modern, timeless, functional.

Integrity and Harmony

A design concept where elegant and fun visuals are felt at every point and detail of the baby's room. From sleeping set, lighting, bathroom accessories, decorative objects, perfect harmony of every detail.

Affordable Luxury

Combining high-end quality with fun and flamboyant designs offered at an affordable price range. bringing products.

HIGHLIGHTS “Contract Manufacturing”

Expertise and Experience
We have been one of the leading and most experienced companies in the industry since 1977. We have a production history of 40 years.

The quality of our 100% cotton fabrics produced in Turkey is registered with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. Ethical Working Conditions and Social Responsibility: We have the Social Compliance and Ethical Rules Compliance certificate issued by the independent audit firm .........

Compliant Operation and Fast Delivery in Wholesale Order Conditions
We keep minimum order quantities as low as possible, and deliver deliveries quickly, on time and accurately.

Sample preparation
Providing a good sample service is an important issue that also reveals the power of a manufacturer company. When we meet a new company, we first try to understand their needs and try to provide the best sample service. When the sample process starts, we think about how we can produce the design in the hands of our customer with the most accurate price and the most accurate quality in the light of the developments in the market. The sample process continues, taking into account the fabric, pattern and details we have chosen together with our customer. If there is any detail to be revised or changed after the first sample, the sample product is prepared again and presented to our customer for approval.
After our customer approves the product, the product goes into production.

Affordable Pricing Policy
In return for pricing, we add value to the money our customers spend with products of excellent quality and excellent design.