Breast Feeding Cover - Round

Breast Feeding Cover - Round (9462)

Brand : Funnababy
Price : $5.44(Vat included)
• Dimensions: 60 x 85 cm • Made of 100% cotton fabric • Breast-feeding your baby is vital especially for the first 6 months. Enjoy the comfort of breast-feeding anywhere with Funnababy breast-feeding covers. • It helps you to breast-feed your baby comfortably and easily anywhere outside your home. •You can adjust the length by the help of its adjustable neck strap. • With the help of the strap behind you can adjust it to fit your Bodysuit and prevent it from opening accidentally. • You can put your baby’s pacifier burp cloth and etc. into the small front pocket and continue breast-feeding more comfortably. • You can see your baby comfortably through the gap on the top while breast-feeding. • Package includes one piece of breast-feeding cover. • You can apply delicate machine wash at 30 degrees. • Do not use bleach. • Emzirme önlüğü ile aynı desende Hamile Destek minderi baby nest emzirme minderi puset minderi oyun çadırı pratik alt açma ve portbebe de bulunmaktadır. You can create your own set by combining different items from same design. • Designed and produced in Turkey.